Research & development

Forward looking

Our research and development makes every day different – and it’s why we love what we do. We never stop exploring and evaluating the latest raw materials, adhesives, face films, legislative requirements, print technology and inks. Our fascination with our own industry keeps us at the forefront of it.



In house expertise

Extensive knowledge of raw materials, coating capabilities, print methods, environmental and legislative requirements mean we’re able to take a holistic approach to your brief. We also carry out speculative development of our own in order to identify gaps in the market for new products.

Extensive facilities

Our Research Centre in Warabi City, Sataima Prefecture in Japan is an enormous facility. Covering thousands of square metres, it’s equipped with an extensive range of state of the art test equipment. The site houses departments specialising in Product Research, New Materials and Intellectual Property. It also has an Advanced Technology building and clean room production facilities. Within the Product Research department is a Processing Technology section which undertakes research into mass production and quality control of the developed products.

Research and development

A key focus

Research and development is fundamental to LINTEC’s growth strategy as our ongoing investment in people, products and facilities demonstrates.

  • 200+ researchers and product developers
  • 8.3 bn Yen (€67,950,045.15)* invested during the last fiscal year in developing the next generation of products
  • 80+ years of innovation
  • Research Center, located in Warabi-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan
  • Additional Advanced Technology Building opened in 2016

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Research and development