Ultra-thin ‘under-laquer’ polyester

How do we achieve the ultimate ‘no-label-look’? By applying this labelstock to a painted substrate and then over-lacquering it with a clear varnish. Thanks to our specially engineered under-lacquer film, only a minimal application of lacquer is needed to imbed the label into the surface. This creates a better aesthetic finish as the graphic looks as though it’s been directly printed on to the application surface.

The ultra-thin film is compatible with over-lacquer chemistry (so the clear paint adheres to the film) and can withstand oven baking without shrinkage or adhesive bubbling.


  • Automotive approved
  • Screen printable
  • Superior printability

Superior graphic durability

This innovative ‘no label’ look, coupled with its graphic durability lends itself to many design-conscious applications, including bicycle labelling, furniture decoration and crash helmet branding. The weight saving and aerodynamic properties of this labelstock also make it ideal for use in aerospace and high performance automotive applications.

Ultra-thin label on cycle