Recycled PET

K5000 PET labelstock

We’re serious about sustainability and constantly seek to reduce our environmental impact across the production process. The development of our award winning KP5000 labelstock is a direct result of this commitment.

In 2016, over 480bn plastic drinking bottles were sold worldwide and this figure is forecast to increase to 583.3bn by 2021. Fewer than half the bottles bought in 2016 were recycled.*

By using over 80% recycled PET as the raw material for this labelstock we’re helping to address this issue. Furthermore, the manufacturing of this labelstock consumes less fossil fuel and produces 24% lower CO2 emissions than alternative approaches.

There’s no compromise on quality. The labelstock offers the equivalent transparency and conversion properties as conventional non-recycled PET film and is suitable for POP and general labelling applications.

Winner of the Award for Sustainability at the Label Industry Global Awards 2015


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Innovative
  • Superior printability

The process

A mechanical recycling process converts the plastic bottles into high quality, sanitary recycled PET resin. The bottles are crushed and washed, after which a high temperature processing vaporises and restores the resin’s molecular weight to a level suitable for bottle moulding.

The approach produces better quality results than traditional material or chemical recycling processes and can be printed using all conventional print methods.


*Source: Euromonitor International