Mounting & overlaminating films

Mounting & Overlaminating Films

Our mounting films can be used to apply photographic, ink-jet, large transparencies, Cibachrome and Lambda output onto glass and acrylic surfaces. The overlaminating films can be used to protect and enhance printed images. The range offers a choice of properties including conformability, UV blocking, outgassing, and scratch, chemical and abrasion resistance.

Mounting Films

A choice of clear or white, double-sided, cold lamination mounting films with a central carrier layer of film which is adhesive-coated on both sides. The films are also protected on both sides with release liners to preserve the adhesive smoothness and optimise clarity.

  • Clear polyester mounting film – permanent adhesive both sides, good for mounting images to acrylic display panels used for architectural, museum and for mounting printed images to window displays.
  • Outdoor double-sided acrylic – with a 5-year lifespan these films are ideal for long-term applications. They retain perfect clarity whilst blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Double-sided white films – used to back up reverse-printed graphics. With these films, there is no need to print a white backing layer, they provide a completely consistent appearance. Translucent films are designed for backlit signage and opaque versions are also available.
  • Single-sided backing film – your options include white light diffuser films to back up window graphics and rigid 250 micron clear and white films to stiffen images for display use.



  • Wide format & graphic media
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High chemical resistance
  • Optically clear
  • Outdoor durability
  • UV resistant
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Scratch resistant

Overlaminating Films

Our cold lamination films enhance the appearance of digitally printed graphics, resist dirt, provide chemical resistance and pollution and protect against UV degradation and graffiti. The films are available with a scratch resistant surface coating that enables cleaning without impairing the quality of the image. Clean room manufactured, they are available in widths of up to 1550mm.

  • Long-term outdoor use – built-in UV protection to prolong the life of digitally printed graphics.
  • Anti-graffiti – protection for digitally printed images, these films enable the removal of graffiti using common solvents without damaging the film surface.
  • Environmentally friendly – films that offer alternatives to PVC, including long-term outdoor matt and gloss acrylic options.
  • Metallic lustre colour-change – three films that deliver striking colour changes according to viewing angle.