Removable labelstock

Appreciated by manufacturers and end users alike, this range of removable adhesives provide reliable, long-term label adhesion with the benefit of clean removability when required.

Our proprietary methods of combining adhesives and films ensure ultimate bond strength between face material and adhesive. This is the key to ensuring the adhesive doesn’t detach from the face film when the label is removed. A variety of adhesion levels are available to cater to the needs of a wide range of surfaces, including low and high energy and curved surfaces.

The adhesives are suitable for use with many of our films and their chemistry can be further modified to meet your particular performance requirements.


  • Removable adhesive
  • Automotive approved
  • Conformable
  • Superior printability
  • Environmentally friendly


The removable properties of these labelling products make them a popular choice across many manufacturing sectors, including:

  • Point-of-sale labels
  • Consumer information labels
  • Warning labels
  • Automotive information
  • High temperature paint masking
  • Manufacturing tracking identification
  • Library book labels