Security & tamper-evident

Security & tamper-evident

With pharmaceutical counterfeiting an increasing problem, there is a growing requirement for packaging labels to be part of the defence system.

We provide a variety of solutions to deter and reveal product tampering. These encompass destructible materials that can’t be removed intact, labelstocks that reveal a non-reversible ‘VOID’ message if removed and ultra-high adhesion films designed to tear the box packaging upon removal – typically used for pharmaceutical outer seal box labels.




  • Environmentally friendly
  • Outdoor durability
  • Superior printability
  • Tamper-evident
  • High-tack adhesive
  • Low temperature

Tamper-evident ‘VOID’ security labelstock – a clear way to flag any attempt at interfering with products or packaging, if the label is removed this labelstock’s tamper-indicating properties will instantly reveal a ‘VOID’ message.

Destructible labelstock for security marking – if anyone attempts to remove the label, the material will fracture easily, thwarting any attempt to re-apply it. Designed to accept conventional inks and thermal transfer printing with resin and wax/resin ribbons, these labelstocks can be used to print on demand variable information labels.