Cryogenic labelstock

Cryogenic Labelstock

Our cryogenic labelstock can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of delamination. They can be variably printed via thermal transfer or laser, so fine batch and barcode detail can be captured accurately even for small vials and test-tubes. Their excellent curved surface adhesion ensures secure attachment for reliable identification of blood, DNA, tissue and stem cells.

These labelstocks have been independently tested in accordance with the strict criteria of Southampton University’s specialist cryogenic department.



  • Innovative
  • Low temperature
  • Superior printability
  • High-tack adhesive

Key features of our cryogenic labelstock:

  • Superior adhesion to small radius containers provides firm adhesion to test tubes, ampules and vials
  • Reliable identification of plastic and glass vessels that are subjected to long-term storage in liquid nitrogen
  • Resists edge-lifting even when repeatedly subjected to changes between low temperature and room temperature