Our company values

As a leading company in the fields of adhesive products and speciality papers, the LINTEC Group has developed a diverse range of products. Technological capabilities and human resources fostered over a long history have driven this progress.

Our Company motto

Sincerity and Creativity

Our Mission Statement

The company name LINTEC derives from “linkage” and “technology”, two key components of our business philosophy which emphasizes the importance of close relations, inside and outside the company, and leading-edge R&D programmes. By bringing these together to develop innovative solutions, we have established a reputation in Japan and overseas as a dynamic and reliable company that contributes to the prosperity of our stakeholders, to the growth of our industry, and to a brighter future for society as a whole. And underpinning all of our business activities is an unwavering emphasis on “Sincerity and Creativity”, the twin values enshrined in our company motto.

Lintec Corporation Motto

For tomorrow we build today