High temperature up to 300°C

High temperature labelstock for up to 300°C

High temperatures call for high performance and these white polyimide films deliver the properties and quality demanded by use in extreme heat. The films can be relied upon to maintain whiteness, barcode legibility and adhesive performance when exposed to 300°C for up to one minute. They also offer excellent resistance to abrasion and ribbon smudging.

The smooth, ultra-consistent, high-opacity white topcoated polyimide enables high-resolution (for both 300dpi and 600dpi) printing. It accepts conventional inks as well as thermal transfer printing with premium resin ribbons. Automatic application is also possible with the 50 micron version.


  • High chemical resistance
  • High temperature up to 300°C
  • Superior printability
  • Excellent durability


Excellent quality and also cost-effective, these high temperature films are widely used by manufacturers in the electronic, automotive and appliance industries.

They are resistant to direct contact with lead-free solder and able to withstand the extreme heat involved in component soldering. This makes them a particularly suitable solution for thermal transfer bar code labels applied during printed circuit board production.

Improved durability and high chemical resistance ensure the films remain in place during the post-construction stage of circuit board assembly, including the tough cleaning phase which can involve use of both infrared and harsh chemicals.

LINTEC High temperatures labelstock for up to 300°C - PCB kapton