LINTEC Corporation – Our History

1920s to 1940s: The foundations

“FUJI SHOKAI” was established in Sugamo, Tokyo in April 1927 for the production of gummed tape. The tape was coated with a water-soluble adhesive on kraft paper and used for applications such as postal stamps. Demand grew rapidly as the cardboard box replaced the wooden box.

This is the origin of our adhesive technology and the precision thin-film coating technology. We started our business in earnest as “FUJI SHIKO CORPORATION” in 1934 after we moved our base to Itabashi, Tokyo. The company name changed to “FSK CORPORATION” in 1984.



Lintec History

1950s to 1960s: Building the domestic business

We built sales offices in major Japanese cities including Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, and Fukuoka to respond to reconstruction demand after the war. At the same time, we established a series of new domestic factories, including the Tatsuno Plant (at that time called the “Kansai Plant”), which remains the current main manufacturing base.

In 1960, we started manufacturing and sales of adhesive materials for seals and labels, which have since evolved to become our major products. In 1962, we developed an automatic packaging machine (cardboard box automatic sealing machine) manufacturing department. This set an industry precedent in combining “adhesive materials and related equipment” and ultimately led to today’s business.

Early Lintec Buildings

1970s to 1980s: Rapid growth

In the 1970s, we started developing and manufacturing labelling and label printing machines. In addition, we moved ahead with new application developments for adhesive materials including window films for buildings to enhance the safety of glass, marking film for signage, and body stripe materials for automobiles and motorcycles.

In 1986, we were the first in the industry to develop a UV curable dicing tape that controls adhesive strength by irradiation of ultraviolet rays (UV). We also entered the semiconductor-related field.

Early Lintec factory

1990s: Merger of three companies creates LINTEC CORPORATION

In April 1990, we merged with SHIKOKU PAPER CO., LTD., and SOHKEN KAKO CO., LTD to create “LINTEC CORPORATION”. We developed an integrated manufacturing system from upstream (base paper for release papers) to downstream (adhesive products). At the same time, we expanded into speciality papers, release papers and films.

In 1991, we entered the field of optical functional films for LCDs. We also, during this period, established local manufacturing bases and sales bases in Indonesia and Singapore. These still play a key role in our business in Southeast Asia.

2000s to today: Increasingly globalized

In addition to establishing new manufacturing bases in Suzhou, China and in Korea, we are promoting the rapid establishment and expansion of our manufacturing and sales network centred on Asian regions.

We are also striving domestically to introduce the most advanced equipment and establish a high-efficiency manufacturing system. As part of this objective, we re-organised the Tatsuno Plant in 2008.

The LINTEC Group continues to grow as our technological innovation and new product development continue to pre-empt the needs of the present day.