Extreme high temperature up to 1250°C

Barcoding solutions up to 1250°C

This revolutionary range of materials gives metal producers and re-processors a reliable approach to identification that will withstand really intense heat. They are also designed to cope with harsh outdoor environments and chemical exposure.

Specialist topcoating and material properties enable barcode identification and variable data to be added to production lines via manual or automatic application. This improves automatic tracking and management of materials throughout the supply chain, reducing the risk of human error and increasing efficiency and safety.

Our label and tag products are suitable for use on steel – such as slabs, blooms, bars, coils (hot), billets and wires, and also for aluminium applications including sows & pigs, coils (hot and cold), ingots and billets. The product range also encompasses label and tag materials suitable for ceramics and precious metals.


  • High chemical resistance
  • Outdoor durability
  • Superior printability
  • High temperature up to 1250°C
  • Excellent durability


Our heatproof labelstock and tag products span three categories:

  1. Application at ambient temperature and then exposure to extreme heat. Uses include metals that are subjected to a secondary reheating process – for example homogenising, annealing or baking.
  2. Application at extreme temperatures (up to 800°C), made possible through proprietary heat resistant adhesive. This eliminates the need to wait until a metal has cooled to identify the goods because hot, direct application barcode labels can be applied immediately after the casting/manufacturing process.
  3. Tag materials (mechanically attached to goods). Applications are as (1) above and we can also provide appropriate tags for application in reductive atmospheres or chemical processing.

Our heatproof range is recognised worldwide for its proven temperature performance, extreme durability and excellent high resolution thermal transfer printability. LINTEC can offer application of these products by hand, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems. Find out more at www.heatproof.eu


LINTEC extreme high temperature up to 1200°C labels and tag for metals tracking barcode heatproof