Prevent blistering and delamination

Many industries use moulded and formed plastic panels for demanding engineered applications, often these are manufactured from materials such as ABS, acrylics and polycarbonate. However, the impact of environmental factors on these plastics – including exposure to sunlight and high temperatures – can accelerate ‘outgassing’. This is the process whereby the volatile elements within the plastic escape to the surface.

When conventional self-adhesive materials are applied to the panels, outgassing can create bubbles and sometimes cause total delamination of the applied label or graphic.

We’ve devised several innovative solutions to counteract this problem. These include ultra-high shear adhesives that resist bubbling, and adhesives with cavitated layers that allow the escape of outgassing from the edges of the graphic. These technologies can be coated onto a wide variety of films including those specifically for outdoor use.


  • Outdoor durability
  • UV resistant
  • Automotive approved
  • Screen printable
  • Superior printability
  • Bespoke development
  • Excellent durability


Our outgassing films remain bubble-free for the long-term. Suitable for applied graphics on acrylic, ABS or polycarbonate surfaces, these durable, conformable films are used for industrial and specific automotive applications, such as construction vehicles and plant.

LINTEC outgassing film decorative labels blistering delamination bubble-free