High performance labelstocks

Engine labelstock

Industrial & Outdoor

Our highly durable labelstocks are designed to withstand abrasion, chemicals, prolonged UV exposure and extremes of temperature. Typical applications for these solutions include nameplates, branding, safety warning and instruction labels.

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Label on test tube

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Highly sensitive environments such as pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, hospitals and clinics, need labelstock that will withstand extreme conditions and still communicate critical information clearly.

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Laboratory labelstocks

Laboratory use

Equipment and containers used within a laboratory setting may be subject to extremes of temperature, liquid immersion or exposure to chemical or abrasive processes. Our labelstocks are designed to meet these challenges without loss of adhesion or readability.

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Outer packaging label


Our labelstocks for product identification and shipping offer superior reliability and excellent printability to ensure barcodes and other data remain clearly legible. Excellent adhesive properties prevent peeling or dislodgement during transit or storage.

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labels for pens

Stationery & Decorative

Our advanced technology produces flexible labelstock that attaches firmly to narrow cylindrical surfaces, ideal for labelling items such as ballpoint pens. We also produce all kinds of label materials, suitable for production of re-usable notes, stickers with cartoon characters and other decorative designs.

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Wine bottle labels

Food & Beverage

Food label applications demand a variety of properties. For example, beer and wine bottle labels need to be water resistant so that they do not peel off or wrinkle when wet, yet must still be able to be cleanly removed during the recycling process. Other applications must be able to remain legible and attached while exposed to freezing or heating. Our food and beverage labelstocks conform to the highest standards of printability, adhesion, durability, removability and safety.

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Perfume bottle label


Home & Personal Care

A label does more than provide information, it is a standard bearer for the branded product to which it is attached. Our range of labelstocks will conform to the surface and shape of all kinds of packaging, remaining firmly in place throughout handling. Re-sealable, oil tolerant, waterproof and easy peel are just some of the many options we provide.

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